Commissioning a piece of Pewterware is a way of investing in personal bespoke design. This is perfect for any occasions and gifts such as christenings, wedding favours & presents, birthdays, anniversaries or just to say 'LOVE YOU'.

Ella can work to any budget, either big or small, and is happy to have a no obligation chat. Either contact Ella via the info on the contacts page or pop into the studio at the Manchester Craft and Design Centre to talk over any designs you have in mind. Commissioning is an exciting process and Ella will guide you through exploring your ideas together. 


Ella has previously worked with large and small businesses who have commissioned corporate items, such as Christmas gifts for clients and/or employees, medals and handmade awards for presentations. These can incorporate your logo or slogan which combined with stylish handmade Pewterware really gives a unique personal touch which reflects on the extra mile your business takes.  


Ella also undertakes Pewter Tankard repair and restoration. Modern tankards can be repaired, resoldered and repolished to enable you to proudly use them once again.