As a traditionally trained Silversmith, graduating from Buckinghamshire University, I could describe being introduced to Pewter, a lead free and relatively soft metal, during my second year as love at first hammer. 

The pewter love affair has continued over the six year journey of THIS IS PEWTER. Everyday I enjoy hammering, soldering and bashing in my little studio at Manchester Craft and Design Centre using heritage metalsmithing skills which have been passed down through generations of makers. I enjoy combining these traditional techniques and skills with contemporary design to create modern pewterware for your home and table.  


I often take inspiration from everyday landscapes which involve contrast in materials, scaffolding around a modern building, tangled fishing nets on the harbour, cracked pottery, rusty nails in a fencepost. My own likes also feed into my work such as my condiment spoons which answered a frustration of not inheriting my Mothers chutney making genes.

When not Pewtering I can be found exploring galleries, cycling in the sunshine (or Manchester rain!), making soup and borrowing Barry the dog for walks.